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Testimonial Statements

"It's a good club, the coaches are very helpful. At first, I found it tiring but soon got into it. I really enjoy water polo and find it's made me stronger for football!"


James (9)




"My two girls play water polo with Warrender and I can't praise them highly enough. The training and coaching gives them loads of confidence both in and out of the pool and they are able to play regularly in regional and national level events. The coaches are skilled and show a real commitment to developing the players in an encouraging and inclusive way to ensure individuals reach their full potential. They have both made lots friends and enjoy being part of a team."


Julia Kerr




"It is really fun, the coaches are very supportive and you will get it really quickly"


Petra (10)




"Warrender Water Polo was a very welcoming club. My daughter's enthusiasm for her swimming program was on the wane and we were looking for alternatives to maintain her fitness, without overloading her time commitments. She has found water polo with Warrender an ideal sport. It works in well with other sports. She has maintained, if not improved, her fitness (without any horrendously early morning sessions). She has developed as a player, a person, and most importantly as a team player. She loves it. As parents we are delighted with her progress. She has been fortunate enough to get selected for Scotland's junior water polo squads with all the opportunities that brings. From a selfish point of view, water polo is great viewing too!


Richard Meadows



"I joined Warrender water polo about a year ago. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and support to join in and learn how to play the game. The coaches are really nice and fun. I really like that the kids get involved in setting up and putting away the equipment at the training sessions. Development meets are really fun and good experience"


Jenna (10)





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2013: Leeds

2014: Northumbria

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