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By warrenderwaterpolo, Jun 30 2016 07:29PM

Can anyone that wants to order a t-shirt please leave a comment on this post. We need to know the size and quantity you require.

They cost £20 each - or £10 if you are in the 100 Club.

If you want your name printed across the shoulder on the back, then it will be another £5. If you want your name on it, please leave what name you want on your comment. The name can either be your first name, surname or nickname (only 1 word allowed).

The t-shirts are made from quick dry performance fabric.

All payments need to be made into the 100 club account before we place the order. Details of the 100 Club bank account are on the 100 Club page on the website.

Please confirm on your comment that you have made the correct payment.

Orders need to be placed by the middle of July. Any orders placed after that will need to wait until we reach the minimum order quantity of 10 pieces before we order any more.

Sizes available are: S, M, L, XL, XXL,

Any queries send an email to Duncan.

(the comment fields are not very clear, but they are from top to bottom: Name, Email address, Comment)

Jun 30 2016 08:11PM by Callum

Large for me please. I'll transfer the £10 today.

Jun 30 2016 08:16PM by Josh Rowley

Medium for me, I'll transfer £10 today. Thanks

Jul 1 2016 05:05AM by Duncan MacGregor

Size L. £10 paid.

Jul 1 2016 09:17AM by Eve Meadows

can she get two with names = £30,(size advice welcome, Medium?)
cheers, Richard

Jul 1 2016 06:50PM by Rhuari Stuart

2 please - 1 size MEDIUM with name on and 1 size LARGE with NO name on (£25 paid 01/07/16)

Jul 2 2016 07:57PM by Marije

Medium for me please, £ 15 paid, name: Marije.Thanks.

Jul 3 2016 11:00PM by Emma Hamilton

One top please of medium size with "Emma" printed on the back! Member of the 100 club. Not yet paid.

Jul 4 2016 11:20AM by Sergey Gorobets

One Medium for Fedor, please. No name. I have paid £20.

Jul 4 2016 03:44PM by Conall

Size advice appreciated ... Not there to try on. Perhaps same size as Adam?
With 'Conall' printed please. Paid.

Jul 4 2016 09:04PM by Kerr Young

I'll have 2 please Dunc both lrg, one with Young on the back, the other with coach, cheers

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