By warrenderwaterpolo, Dec 10 2017 10:15AM

The last training session of 2017 will be Friday 22nd December.

RCP training starts back on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Gillespie's training starts back on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

By warrenderwaterpolo, Oct 22 2017 08:33AM

This years Warrender Baths Club AGM will be held on Tuesday 7th November at 7pm. Venue is Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EX.

All adult members are urged to attend. There will be no training on the 7th.

Please confirm your attendance to WBC Club Secretary, Maggie Robb -

By warrenderwaterpolo, Jun 29 2017 08:12AM

There will be no training at James Gillespie's during the school summer holidays.

All other sessions at the RCP and Warrender will continue as normal.

By warrenderwaterpolo, May 30 2017 12:22PM

Please leave a comment below detailing what kit you would like to order and confirmting you have made the correct payment into the 100 Club account.

All orders need to be placed and paid for by Friday 9th June.

The comment fields are not very clear, but the top box is your name, the second is your email address and the bottom one is your comment.

By warrenderwaterpolo, Jan 15 2017 09:31AM

The membership fees for this year are now due!

This years fees are on the Membership page of the website (a £5 increase in last years):

The membership form can also be downloaded from the Documents page of the website:

Please follow the instructions on the form and note that the club office has moved to a new address.

Once you have made payment and sent your form in can you then also inform the relevant water polo squad administrator: This way they can keep a track of who hasn't yet paid.

Seniors: Christine Braban:

Juniors: Wendy Zwart de Peuter:

If you are late in payment for your membership, then you will not be able to renew your membership until March as Scottish Swimming put a hold on any memberships while they process all renewals. During this time you will not be able to train or play in matches as you will not be covered by the Scottish Swimming insurance that comes as part of the membership.

All junior players who are renewing their membership should have previously had a parent complete a Scottish Swimming membership form when the player joined the club. If this has never been done can I ask that a parent completes the Scottish Swimming form as a volunteer (on Documents page of website) and sends it in with their Warrender form. You can check if you are already a member of Scottish Swimming on their website:

Anyone joining the club as a new member will also need to complete a Scottish Swimming membership form. Again, junior players require a parent to complete a Scottish Swimming and tick the "volunteer" box.

There is a guide to filling in the forms on the Documents page of our website.

The Warrender membership fee covers all the costs associated with Scottish Swimming membership and also the £35 competitor fee that they take for every player.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in doing this in a timely manner.

Best regards,

Duncan MacGregor

Warrender Water Polo Convenor

By warrenderwaterpolo, Dec 6 2016 09:07PM

We have been successful in achieving PoloMark accreditation from our governing body Scottish Swimming.

PoloMark accredited clubs are... "Clubs who are awarded the swiMark/diving/synchro/PoloMark have achieved a level of excellence in operation and continue to strive to do better".

Well done to all involved in working hard to put the systems and governance in place to meet the required criteria.


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