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Essential Elements of team play

This topics on this page are for those Junior players that already attend a Wednesday night training session and for Friday night players to work towards. 


Warrender Water Polo is committed to ensuring that all our members have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the sport of water polo. This structured approach to teaching the required skills is designed to ensure our players develop in a way that provides them with a sound understanding about the sport of water polo as they progress through our ranks.


During a Wednesday training session the main focus will be on the "Essential Elements" of team play and the "Key Principles" within these elements.  There are many more principles of team play than those listed, but these key principles below that we will be focusing on will take you a long way towards becoming really effective in team play during matches for Warrender.


The coaches will expect you to be familiar with these Essential Elements of team play and their Key Principles.  It is very important therefore that you familiarise yourself with them.  Your coaches will expect you to have done so.  


If there is anything that you don't understand, please feel free to discuss this with any member of the Coaching team and they will be happy to explain it to you.


Essential Element - Lane-go press defence

Key Principles:

i.Body position: hips up

ii.Player positions and intentions: intense pressure on ball carrier but no foul; two adjacent defenders playing 50% in passing lane and 50% in goal lane limiting ball carrier’s options; other defenders 100% in passing lane looking to counter attack when opportunity arises

iii.Watching in triangles: attacker, ball and pit


Essential Element - Drop defence

Key Principles:

i.Blocking (the shooting lanes)

ii.‘Tumbles’ (going from flat to make a steal back to a blocking position)

iii.Stealing quick at the pit when dropping  


Essential Element - Counter attack

Key Principles:

i.Correct ball movement: down right side of pool

ii.Correct player movement

iii.High speed and accuracy of ball and player movement


Essential Element - Driving

Key Principles:

i.Initial movement: grasp defender’s outside elbow with mirror hand and turn defender away from driving side

ii.Start drive with strong front crawl arm stroke and powerful breast stroke kick, driving to ball side

iii.Drive through to wing and all other players re-align


Essential Element - Man up

Key Principles:

i.Set up: 4:2

ii.Basic passing lines: 1-5, 1-6, 4-5, 4-6, 3-6 and 2-5

iii.Players on perimeter moving and threatening shot to move defenders and create space


Essential Element - Man down

Key Principles:

i.‘House’ set up

ii.Blocking: angle, mirror, post

iii.Stay compact





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