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Core Competencies

Listed on this page are the main attributes that a player who attends a Friday night session should be working towards.


Warrender Water Polo is committed to ensuring that all our members have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the sport of water polo. This structured approach to teaching the required skills is designed to ensure our players develop in a way that provides them with a sound understanding about the sport of water polo as they progress through our ranks.


At the bottom of this page you are able to download a sheet that keeps track of your progress. A copy for each player will also be kept with the Coaches. Once a player reaches a competent level of these attributes they will be eligible to attend a trial for attending the Wednesday night session.


These skills will form part of the coaching strategy at a Friday training session.


If there is anything that you don't understand, please feel free to discuss this with any member of the Coaching team and they will be happy to explain it to you.


Core Competence - Eggbeater

Key Principles:

•High knees

•Wide knees

•Correct movement of ankle and foot through the water


Core Competence - Triple threat position

Key Principles:

•Body alignment

•Front leg under torso

•Rear leg to extend backwards

•Sculling on front hand

•Ball ‘chambered’ (5 o’clock – right hander/7 o’clock – left hander)

•Arm up, elbow pointing forwards


Core Competence - Defensive Press (Face to Face)

Key Principles:

•Located between offensive player and goal

•Hand on opponent’s bicep, other hand mirroring passing hand or in passing lane

•Hips high near water surface, eggbeatering


Core Competence - Picking up ball

Key Principles:

•Pick up from underneath

•Take to chamber (see above)

•Roll over pick up


Core Competence - Movement through water

Key Principles:


•Sculling with leg movement

•Jumps – eggbeater with knees near surface – kick up with straight spine


Core Competence - Head up swimming with and without the ball

Key Principles:

•Keep hips and legs high

•Keep head under control to assist awareness through watching

•Use short strokes for acceleration


Core Competence - Head up back crawl

Key Principles:

•Chin on chest

•Curve through core

•Hips and legs up


Core Competence - Change of direction

Key Principles:

•Bring knees towards chest

•Back arm around turning to protect ball and gain vision

•Initiate movement with strong breast stroke kick

•Use short strokes for acceleration


Core Competence - Long eggbeater walking or "slide"

Key Principles:

•Body position – body angle of 25-45%

•Ball position/movement – moving to give momentum

•Legs – Breast stroke kick


Core Competence - Short eggbeater walking

Key Principles:

•Body position – upright

•Ball chambered

•Legs – eggbeater


Core Competence - Catching the ball

Key Principles:

•High hand

•Soft hand

•Absorb ball to chamber

•Cross catch – upper arm vertical/hand at eye level


Core Competence - Passing the ball

Key Principles:

•Basic body position

•Elevate, rotate, crunch

•Elbow pointing forwards

•Flick of wrist at end of follow through


Core Competence - Shooting

Key Principles:

•Basic body position

•Elevate, rotate, crunch

•Elbow pointing forwards

•Follow through with flick

•Breaststroke kick


Core Competence - Shot blocking

Key Principles:

•Armpit up

•Elbow bent to 5 degrees

•Rigid wrist

•Fingers spread

•Post, angle, mirror


Core Competence - Player position numbering system (details can be found on our positions page)

Key Principles:

•Position numbers for players in attack and defence



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Core Competencies & Key Principles checklist sheet