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About us

Mission Statement: Warrender Water Polo is committed to ensuring that all our members have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the sport of water polo through personal development and teamwork.  We aim to create a positive team culture and promote lifelong positive values and qualities in our members.


About Warrender

Warrender Baths Club is the leading aquatic sports club in Scotland and one of the oldest and most famous sports clubs in Edinburgh. The club was formed in 1888 at Warrender Baths on Thirlestane Road, Edinburgh and has always maintained its place at the forefront of the sports of both swimming and water polo.


We cater for all ages and levels of ability, whether you are trying the sport for the first time, or want to play at National League level.


The water polo section operates Senior men, Ladies, under 18, under 16 and under 14 teams that play in league and cup competitions in Scotland. The under 16 and under 14 teams can be a mix of boys and girls.


We are a fun, sociable club that makes any new members more than welcome!





PoloMark Plus accreditation

We are extremely proud to the the only water polo club in the country to achieve PoloMark Plus accreditation from our governing body Scottish Swimming. In 2017 we achieved PoloMark accreditaion. This is awarded to clubs who Clubs who have achieved a level of excellence in operation and continue to strive to do better.


PoloMark Plus is awarded to clubs that demonstrate a commitment to the principles of a community club whilst encouraging members to stay within the club structure and ensure players continue to train and compete at their chosen level.






About Water Polo

Water polo is a fun action-packed team water sport, enjoyed by children and adults. The sport requires some swimming ability, strength and most importantly teamwork.


Water polo teams are made up of seven people – six outfield players and a goalkeeper. Players must pass the ball to one another whilst taking care to avoid their opponents, with the aim being to score as many goals as possible. The goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to touch the ball with both hands at the same time. All other players may pass the ball by throwing it to a teammate or swimming with it in front of them. Players are not allowed to push the ball under the water to keep it from their opponents.


Water polo is one of the original team sports to be introduced to the Olympics, and continues to be an Olympic sport today. Famous water polo players include Prince William!


A detailed explanation of water polo can be found on our Water Polo explained page.


Warrender Water Polo - Edinburgh - Scotland